Welcome to Parkland

Predominately a residential community with little industrial or commercial trade, this rustic equestrian town is known for its flourishing Florida palms, blue skies, warm sunny days, and an exquisite “park-like” character.
Did You Know?
Parkland schools rank tenth in the state.

The Lifestyle

Striving to maintain the highest quality of life for all residents, Parkland offers award-winning recreational and leisure opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast. The community boasts an active lifestyle and a fun-loving attitude. Parkland is known to be a shoppers’ paradise, and enjoys a bevy of corner cafes as well as 3,500 restaurants ranging from casual to fine dining.

The Market

Parkland showcases a diverse array of single-family homes tucked graciously upon sprawling acres. Luxurious estates, charming villas, townhouses, and condominiums with well-manicured lawns and lavish landscaping provide complete comfort for daily living. With prices reaching past $6 million, Parkland real estate is a purchase worth treasuring.