Pino Panzera


Put your trust in me
Fidatevi di me
Fiez-vous à moi
Confía en mi

I want to define and deliver the C21 Stein Posner Gold Standard in real estate.

C21 is a full-service real estate company.
C21 is passionate about this industry.
C21 adds value every step of the way.
C21 invests in making each client's dream, a reality.
C21 is committed in delivering an exceptional client experience.
C21 is the Stein Posner way.
Trust Pino to deliver an exceptional, worry-free experience when buying or selling your Florida home. With a lifelong career dedicated to service in the hospitality and wine importing industries both in Florida and abroad, Pino understands the value of personal connection in relationship-building. 
Energetic, enthusiastic and trustworthy, his communication skills are second-to-none. Pino was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Italy and Spain. Fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, and working towards proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese, he also brings to his latest role an exceptional ability to listen and satisfy the unique needs of a multi-lingual and multi-cultural customer. A graduate of Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Pino was born in Montreal and spent his formative years in his native Canada and in the United States and holds dual citizenships. This first-hand experience compliments his professional credentials, making him well-suited to assisting buyers and sellers of the Florida real estate market from either side of the border. 
As a full-time real estate professional, Pino promises accessibility, dedication and integrity.

For Pino, listening and customer service are paramount.  So put your confidence and trust in Pino and allow him to make a difference in your life. He’ll treat you like family!

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