Michael Wagner


"With a background in financial law, I bring strong negotiation skills and keen analytical abilities to every transaction, resulting in smooth, stress-free closings every time."

Michael Wagner began his professional career as an attorney in New York City, ultimately founding his own law firm specializing in the world’s financial markets, particularly within the commodities and securities spectrum. Some years later, he left the practice of law and created a financial firm which provided a wide array of services to customers involved in various aspects of the commodities industry. 

His background and experience have honed his analytical abilities and sharpened his negotiating skills. Further, they enable him to anticipate, and be prepared for, all possible contingencies. This, combined with the ability to work through and simplify a complex set of facts and focus on the relevant issues at hand, results in smooth, stress free closings.

Michael has brokered numerous substantial transactions, both residential and commercial, in Boca Raton and all of its surrounding communities. He is an exceptional Realtor® whose personalized approach and devotion to the specific needs of each and every individual client, combined with his unyielding commitment to the overriding values of honesty, transparency and integrity, have consistently resulted in an exceptional real estate experience.