Michael Luca


Born and raised in the New York City area, then migrating here to Boca Raton, Michael has been in the sales and customer relations industry since starting his professional career 15 years ago.

After starting in wholesale food distribution, Michael transitioned to the tech world working for Fortune 500 companies consulting and selling to SMB and Enterprise level companies. Now being teamed up with Stein Posner Century 21, Michael has brought his customer service and sales experience to the Real Estate world. Leveraging Social Media and the latest technology, Michael has found a way to succeed in a constantly changing market. Adjusting to the changing landscape and finding a way to get deals to the finish line, while maintaining customer satisfaction is always top priority for Michael.

Michael strives to provide the best possible experience for all his clients, showing detailed attention to their vision and goals. Among his clients, Michael is known for going above and beyond and doing it with a smile. Michael prides himself on being focused, reliable, and hard working. You will not find someone who works harder to get you into your next home.