Mark McDonald


As a native to South Florida, I was born in Plantation, FL, and attended the Coral Springs and Parkland schools until moving north to New Jersey in 1996.  While living in New Jersey, I always spent at least a month in Florida every year visiting family and friends.  During my time in New Jersey, I started a warehousing/trucking company for high-end furniture designers and stores. The trucking business grew lucrative very rapidly, delivering furniture up and down the east coast of the USA from Maine to Florida. But during the time I owned the trucking company, I realized that: (1) I missed South Florida and (2) I wanted to start my passion, a Real Estate career.  

I have a wonderful wife and two awesome kids, and when my oldest was born 7 years ago, I sold the trucking company and began a career in Real Estate full time. After practicing full-time in New Jersey for the past 7 years, my dream was to become a Florida Real Estate Broker.  My parents, along with my wife’s family, migrated back home to Florida in the prior years. In the middle of 2020, while my family was young enough to move, my wife and I packed up our family of four and made the transition back home to South Florida. Today, I am practicing what I love doing, and I love where we live. My goal is to make your Real Estate transaction as smooth as possible and to help make your dreams a reality.