Leonardo Leon


Hello soon-to-be homeowners!

In December of 2019, I received my real estate license. I successfully accomplished my goal of taking the next step toward growing my business. As a realtor I am adamant in providing exceptional service, I am fortunate to meet and build relationships with extraordinary people in the process.

For those of you that do not know me well, I have 20+ years in the hospitality industry. I derive extreme pleasure from making people happy. I simply love it. With my go go work ethic, I have acquired extensive experience and skill in managing restaurants and country clubs. I now apply that useful knowledge to do my outmost to help families and individuals find the homes of their dreams.

Success is measured with more than just yourself, more than just hard work and relentless determination.

"We grow in life, when we succeed together".

My parents immigrated from Ecuador which explains why I am bi-lingual.  I have two brothers and one sister and therefore I understand the pleasures and importance of having a family home.  We were all born in New York City. Our parents moved us to Florida in 1990 to bring us to paradise. We used to vacation here every summer and never dreamed of living in such a beautiful place, but here we are. I have two beautiful daughters that only know "Florida life". How lucky is that?!  Brats!!

I started working as a bagger at Publix when I was 14 years old. At 16 years of age, I became a server in a small, beautiful Italian restaurant called Rock Gardens Cafe. My father owned a commercial cleaning company that was responsible for maintaining the beautiful, bright, shiny floors for Publix and other department stores. The nature of the job required working night shifts. My father was paramount in instilling in me a good work ethic from a very young age. For as long as I can remember, I've always had two jobs; always stayed busy, always provided my best service.

Let it be said that I work hard to make a difference. If you need someone to commit to your cause and your future, then I am the person for you. If you are seeking someone who works tirelessly to succeed together, then I look very much forward to becoming your personal real estate agent.

With Warm Regards,
Leonardo Leon