Andrea Colombo


I love where I live, I live where I work & I love what I do!

With a passion for growing suburban areas, a zest for life and an innate desire to see beautiful area’s growing, I chose real estate. I earned my dual degree, Finance and Business Administration, from Brooklyn College. Real Estate was the perfect fit to apply the knowledge learned in college, life, and business field prior joining Century 21.
I moved to Florida 5 years ago, after living in NYC over a decade. The life in the city and studying in one of the toughest college’s in New York taught me very well. I got even more seasoned when I started working in Commercial Real Estate where I learned a lot about the business thru education from the pro’s, as well as thru trial and error in the first years of my career. This rough upbringing sculpted the commercial realtor I am today – fearless, productive and profitable.  I have a European background – I was born in Lithuania to family of business owners. They taught me strong responsibility, liability and accountability skills. Although I lived in the US since I was 16, I definitely have a lot of European traits like loyalty, straight forwardness & honesty.
I specialize in commercial land & investment sales. I also enjoy working with people who are looking for a new home – to rent or to buy. Since I moved to different areas many times, I learned how to make this transition as easy as possible. Moving itself is known to be one of the biggest stressors for people. I am committed to make this transition as easy as possible for people I work with. Palm Beach County areas like Boca Raton or Delray Beach provides perfect medium of great life & lifestyle and as a result more people are looking to move here and establish they business here. If I can help you in your business or housing search I feel honored. My team and I have a great ability to make sellers and buyers deal perfect and to make a transaction go so smoothly that the paperwork wouldn’t be overwhelming the joy of making life changing investment. Century 21 has been in business for almost 50 years & it’s internationally recognized company. My commitment is to an outstanding outcome in serving your real estate needs through the support of Century 21 Company.

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