Home Improvements With The Best ROI

Home Improvements With The Best ROI

Florida’s winter season is not much different than its fall season, both provide cool and temperate weather ideal for prolonged outdoor activity. Unlike in colder states, winter in Florida is still a perfect time to make home improvements. These upgrades will not only attract more buyers, but prevent them from negotiating lower prices. Below, our team of South Florida real estate experts has listed the home improvements with the best return on investment.

1. Revamp the Front Door (ROI: 80% to 140%)

This is not only the quickest and cheapest exterior upgrade home sellers can do, but it reaps in the biggest rewards. Unlike other more complicated improvements, this paint job can be done by the home sellers themselves. When buyers look at a home, it’s the entrance what gives that first impression. Having a freshly painted door will make a house stand out from the other properties surrounding it.

2. Repair and Enhance Roof (ROI: 50% to 110%)

A new roof can boost a home’s curb appeal and give buyers peace of mind. Knowing the roof is functionally sound instills confidence in prospective buyers. This is also true for repairing leaks and cosmetic problems. Buyers may turn away from a property if they believe they will have to be responsible for plenty of repairs right after their purchase. Furthermore, buyers who still want the house could use these imperfections to negotiate a much lower price. Another thing that sellers can add to their roofs that will not only protect their home’s value but increase it, are solar panels. This is especially true in Florida where it remains sunny all year round.

3. Deck Out the Deck (ROI: 80% to 120%)

If a home has a front deck, then it too will be one of the first things that catches a buyer’s eye. If it is in bad condition, buyers could be scared away even before entering the home. If a back deck is in a significant state of disrepair, it should also be improved. Buyers who are not deterred could still use a lackluster deck to negotiate a lower price. Wood that is splintering should be sanded down, shaky rails should be stabilized, and a faded deck needs to be covered in a fresh coat of paint or varnish.

4. Boost Curb Appeal

Paint Job (ROI: 60% to 100%)

Depending on the condition of a home’s exterior surfaces, sellers may need to invest in a few touch-ups or an entire repaint. Portions that are chipping, outdated, or in a bold, gaudy color should be replaced. Hire professionals for this curb appeal investment and use neutral tones because they are attractive to more buyers.

Pressure Wash (ROI: 40% to 110%)

The added value this project gives depends on how dirty the home is. If the house is not very dirty to begin with, investing in a professional power-wash may not be worth it. However, for tough stains and grime, a pressure wash could result in a home looking like new, greatly increasing its value.

Home sellers can best take advantage of Florida’s moderate winter weather by embarking on the home improvements listed above. Though the amount of time and money they will spend varies based on each project, all these upgrades offer substantial returns on investment.

If you plan on selling your home, call the South Florida real estate experts at Stein Posner today. We will work closely with you to ensure all your home selling goals are achieved.

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